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Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance in California?

Asking if something is covered by dental insurance is a tricky question. The reason why is because so many types of oral health procedures are broken down into multiple “codes” […]

What To Do When You Have a Dental Emergency 

You brush your teeth after every meal. You floss at least once a day. You visit your dentist at least twice a year. When dealing with daily dental care, you’re a pro. […]

How To Brush Your Children’s Teeth Correctly

A healthy smile starts at a very young age. With the right preventive care for your child, he or she can have a better chance of enjoying strong, healthy teeth well into […]

What is Covered by Dental Insurance? 

For individuals comparing dental insurance policies, thinking of changing plans, or looking for an affordable option like a discount dental program, it helps to know exactly what falls under the […]

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Teeth Cleaned Without Insurance?  

Are you falling behind on your dental cleanings because of a lapse in dental insurance coverage? You may be wondering if it’s worth it to go ahead and pay for […]

How Does Dental Insurance Work?  

Getting the most out of your dental insurance plan starts with understanding how it works, and what’s covered. With the right information, you can be equipped to make smart decisions […]

Finding Dental Insurance on Any Budget

When was your last dental check-up? The answer often depends on whether or not you have dental insurance. Roughly 50% of Americans don’t have dental insurance. Even worse, about 74% […]

What Types of Fillings are Best?

Do you have a cavity that needs to be filled? You may be wondering about the types of fillings are available and which one is right for you. To first […]

How Can I Affordably Treat an Existing Dental Problem?

A problematic tooth could cause off-and-on pain, but you know if you don’t get it fixed fast, it will just lead to an emergency trip to the dentist – probably […]

What To Do About A Knocked Out Tooth

Avulsed (“knocked out”) teeth are a common dental emergency. It most frequently occurs due to accidents — such as slipping in a bathtub — or during recreational sports like football, […]

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