Combining Dental Insurance With a Savings Plan?

Combining Dental Insurance With a Savings Plan?

Sometimes, having dental insurance isn’t enough to make sure that all of your treatment is paid for. You might be looking at adding a supplemental or secondary insurance plan from your spouse, or even enrolling in a savings program to reduce how much your dental care costs.

One option to consider as an alternative to dental insurance is a dental discount plan. In most cases, the discount plan replaces your insurance coverage entirely. But there are situations where you can enroll in a discount dental plan to compliment or supplement your care even if you still have insurance. Here’s how:

When You’re Having Elective Procedures

Thinking of a glamorous smile makeover? Perhaps you’ve got teeth whitening or dental veneers planned. Unfortunately, dental insurance doesn’t like to cover cosmetic treatments. If you’re having a procedure completed due to aesthetic concerns, it’s considered elective.

However, we all know how vital it is for emotional and social reasons to have a smile that you can feel proud of showing off. While insurance might not cover cosmetic dentistry, many discount dental plans will. 

If the Treatment Isn’t Covered by Your Insurance

Maybe you’re considering a supplemental treatment that’s better for your oral health, but doesn’t fall under what’s covered in your insurance plan. It may be sealing your permanent molars or getting dental implants. If for some reason a certain type of treatment isn’t covered under your insurance plan, it won’t get paid for.

How can you know if something is covered or not? Your dental treatment plan coordinator (at your dentist’s office) will run a benefit breakdown as part of your care plan. He or she will be able to see which types of codes or categories of procedures are excluded from your plan’s coverage. There may even be specific guidelines on who or who is not allowed to receive a certain procedure.

Let’s take braces as an example. For adults, clear orthodontic aligners are a very popular choice to straighten their teeth. But depending on the insurance that you have, your orthodontic benefits may only extend up to the age of 14 for enrollees. That means if you’re 30 and on your own, you’re up a creek without a paddle!

You might even have a waiting period that requires you to delay your treatment for a set period of time, before insurance kicks in. Unfortunately, this can lead to more extreme measures needed to restore your tooth, and you might have to start treatment sooner by paying for it yourself.

But if you have a discount dental plan in addition to your insurance, you can still get great discounts on these treatments and more. That way you’re saving money even if the insurer says they won’t pay for anything! Savings programs such as these can be applied to literally any type of dental procedure…no ifs, ands, or buts. Save big, even on therapeutic procedures like braces or wisdom tooth surgery. 

For Times When Your Insurance Runs Out (Maximum Allowable Met)

Your insurance plan’s “maximum allowable benefits” mean that there’s a set dollar amount where your coverage runs out each year. As soon as your policy has paid up to this amount in reimbursements to your dentist, they stop paying. It doesn’t matter how much work you’ve had or still need to have done, that’s it.

For many dental insurance plans, the set figure is around $1,500. After that, you’re on your own. That’s not counting what you’ve already paid in co-pays or deductibles.

Once that happens, any extra dental work comes out of your own pocket. Here’s where the dental discount plan comes in. Members can use their discount card at any participating dentist’s office and get a flat percentage taken off of their final bill. 

Which Discount Dental Plan Works Best With Your Insurance?

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